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Travel has become one of our hobbies. It's a great way to do more with our other hobbies, of which I am collecting too many. I started writing diaries to keep track of the trips so I could relive them later and rather than risk boring people with 900 photos from a trip provide the diary, and except for Europe in 2002, pictures and people can look at what they find interesting.

A short trip away January 2017 trip to Hong Kong.
OzFest # 13 OzFest # 13 (2016) was held on the Gold Coast, mostly in Queensland.
Planes Trains and Bicycles 2015 trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan - the east coast this time.
OzFest # 12 OzFest # 12 (2015) was held in New Zealand, mostly around the Bay of Islands
OzFest # 11 OzFest #11 (2014) was in the Red Centre - Alice Springs and Uluru. 13.8 MB pdf file.
China, China, China 2014 trip to Hong Kong (China), Taipei (China - though political views do differ) and Shanghai (also China). 21 MB pdf file.
Ozfest # 9 Ozfest #9 (2012) was held in Canberra. 8.5 MB pdf file
Views from a hotel Window 2011 Trip to Japan and Hong Kong.
Ozfest # 8 OzFest #8 (2011) was held in Darwin. This is a 7.5MB PDF file. It's formatted for printing (which is how all these diaries end up - on the bookshelf).
Ozfest # 6 OzFest #6 (2009) was held in Cairns. It is currently a very quick extract from Word and is very messy in terms of formatting - I'll fix it later. Lots of pictures so it takes a while to load
Hong Kong 2009 A trip back to Hong Kong on points earned from the world trip.
Leon & Audrey's last legs The final legs of our round the world trip that happend 8 months later in Australia. Includes Darwin and Brisbane.
World Trip 08-09 The 08-09 World trip is too huge to be a single entry so it's available in parts.
Hong Kong 2005 Pt 1.
Hong Kong 2005 Pt 2
Hong Kong Nov 2005, has pictures - 40 in each part - so be patient for it to load.
Europe 2002 Europe Oct 2002, is best read while looking at the 600 pictures I put into albums from the trip as it's just notes I kept while travelling (this being the days before digital cameras - for me at least - or travelling with a computer. If you want to go have a look then ask and I'll bring them along next time I see you.

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